ASEI MentorConnect


ASEI is inviting applications to its structured professional mentoring program (MentorConnect) designed for its members. This six-month long program will match and support participants in one-on- one engineering career mentorship. Whether you are a student, early tenure professional or even a long time engineer looking for career progression, register to take advantage of this new initiative. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a first come, first serve basis. We will be in touch with you once we review your application.

ASEI MentorConnect facilitates a 1-1 or small group mentoring opportunities to all of its members. The program is expected to run for a period of six months. It enables a professional and personal networking relationship between mentors and mentees in a safe environment to share life experiences and guidance for professional and career development.


Creates enthusiasm among members to develop themselves and actively participate in ASEI professional development activities and encourages work/life balance to develop top-performing future leaders.

Aligns with ASEI vision to provide networking opportunities for professionals and career guidance to members in order to develop and nurture the next generation of engineers and technical professionals.


Must be current member of ASEI

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