Past Event

Aditya Guthey holds a  conversation with Sania Jain  in this edition of Youth Corner - sharing stories of inspirational youth in the ASEI community

Sania is a sophomore at Prospect High. She created the Saniabox, an add-on board raspberry pi kit for the exploration of circuits and code. She is also the founder of the Eco-Bottles, a series of copper bottles that spread awareness about global warming, animal poaching, and ocean pollution. She is a published author of five books, one focusing on animal extinction and preservation. She is also very passionate about the environment, STEAM learning, history, and art and loves to explore different styles. She wants to inspire kids to create, preserve and try new things.


ASEI members will get an exclusive chance to interact livechat with Sania here in a private setting for first few minutes as we premeiere this converastion live on Sept 11, 2021 at 10 am PT

As a bonus, we will simulcast and host an open for all voice based conversation on Clubhouse Social Audio room "Engineering Tales" (join via mobile- iPhone or Android ) with Sania, and other like minded innovators from around the world at the same time for a 30 minute discussion.