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Career success is as much about content knowledge as about soft skills.  In fact A 2014 survey from Career Builder found that 77% of employers it surveyed believed soft skills were of equal importance as hard skills. How to transform STEM students into CEOs?  ASEI experts believe it is through a combination of paying attention to both soft skills and content skills.

ASEI Youth programmes are central to our strategy as regular readers may already know. We will host an Education Technology and STEM focussed discussion with a few experts on April 10, 2021 . Join us as we delve into tools that you can use to equip yourself and your kids (or grandkids) to become more successful in STEM careers.


Moderated by ASEI Board Member, Dr. Preetha Ram, who has herself successfully navigated the path from a STEM education (IIT, PhD Chemistry, Yale) to Dean of Science Emory, CEO and now General Partner of a venture firm, you will hear actionable insights from experts and entrepreneurs:


Early Steps: Succeeding in STEM paths in from school days

Speaker: Dr. Anita Kishore


Early Days: Building creativity and competencies for the future

Speaker: Srini Vemula, CEO of igebra


Early Launch: Taking science projects to start-ups

Speaker: Alok Jain, CEO of MoonshotJr


Early Steps:


What attributes and skills create success in this group that is most often called “nerdy”?  An interest in science and engineering does not necessarily equate to the “nerd”.  What habits can be created early so the young engineer learns to navigate his professional relationships with confidence and ease?


Anita Kishore will give us guidance and actionable steps to take as early as high school to ensure success in all stages.


Early Days:

The world of tomorrow will be about technology, data, and machine intelligence.  How do we prepare our children to succeed in this data driven world?  What are the new building blocks for this reality?  How do we transform young minds into digital data natives?


Srini Vemula has built a unique learning site where your children can learn quantitative skills, data skills, and AI concepts.


Early Launch:

An entrepreneurial mindset can be tremendously helpful no matter what the age or stage.  It is valued not only in start-ups but in companies and in academia.  How do you build this mindset at an early age?  


Alok Jain has created a wonderful and fun filled curriculum that is sure to set young entrepreneurs on the right track.