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The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) invites young scientists and engineers from High School to Undergrad engineering students to participate in our flagship “Youth Technology Exposition (YTE)” during the virtual ASEI National Convention. The theme of the ASEI virtual convention is Global Engineering Technologies (GET 2020). The YTE is intended to provide a forum for young engineers and scientists to showcase their work in engineering and technology.

Each participant will get a chance to speak while showing their work for a total of 4 minutes. The participant will need to certify that this is their own work and not plagiarized. The participant will need to follow the guidelines and upload a video (max 4 minutes)


Participant Submission Guidelines:

Introduce yourself briefly and talk about an Engineering or Science project built within the past 12 months (total of 3 min max). Talk about your vision for “Doing Good for Society through Science and Engineering; (1 min max). Last date for accepting entry is November 15th, 2020. Please click here for the application form. The top 5 entries will be shortlisted as finalists for a live virtual presentation at ASEI National Convention on December 5th. During that session, Judges will ask each finalist to talk about their entry in 2 minutes followed by QA.

Please note during QA, for each question, brief 1 min answers should be given to fit within the overall time window. Top 3 Innovative, socially relevant, and forward-thinking ideas will be awarded on Sunday, December 6 th , during the ASEI Awards session on the final day of the GET 2020 ASEI National Convention.

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ASEI Youth Technology Exposition YTE2020 Finals Dec 5 &m Awards Dec 6th

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