Past Event

Education Technology - Current trends and future in a Post-COVID era

Education Technology (EdTech) is a term used to describe the industry that combines education and technological advances, revolutionizing the conventional landscape of education. EdTech not only allows educational institutions to serve a larger and more diverse audience, but also enables educational participants, both teachers and students, to foster relationships in an interactive fashion. Though we all are affected by COVID-19 directly or indirectly, education system has had to adapt rapidly in this ever-changing environment. Educators have had to adapt suddenly to students not being physically present in the class. Students have been affected with no physical classroom. As you can appreciate, EdTech solutions have been becoming part of our everyday lives whether you are a student, parent, educator or knowledge worker in the industry or a professional from any field who is keen on keeping their skills up-to date . The future of EdTech seems promising. The education technology market size has been expanding at rates ranging from 8.3% to 9.28%. Some Pre-COVID era projections placed the US market at nearly $50 Billion by end of 2020 as compared to $43 billion in 2019 and $39.33 billion in 2018. There are learning solutions for literally everyone. Schools, businesses, parents and individuals, everyone wants to be part of the EdTech evolution! In this session, we have invited few experts (all of them have an Engineering Technology background ) to share their perspectives and take on future trends for EdTech in a Post COVID Era: Dr Preetha Ram - Formerly an Edtech CEO, Academic, Dean of Emory University and a current VC Ed Tech Executive from Zovio- Rohit Senior Executive from Udacity - Narendra Shankar