Past Event

ASEI Continued its annual tradition of supporting STEM activities in the silicon valley and recognized promising high school students from 12 projects (top 3 from Grades 9 through 12th ) Picture Collage: 1 ASEI Silicon Valley President Piyush Malik at 2019 Synopsys Science Fair Award Function at Heritage Theatre, Campbell, CA on April 7, 2019 2: ASEI Volunteer Judge Naveen interacting with students at the Science Fair Here is the list of winners : Veda Sahithi Kamaraju Sanjana S Jilla Veer Hemal Doshi Jyoti Rani Safaa Aicha Mouline Sivaramakalyan Suvarna Ojas Mor Aayush Bhat Anusha Ghosh Lakshay Maharana Akshay Attaluri Nithya Sri Attaluri Sandhini Agarwal Shivam Singhal