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Healthcare in US is broken. The current COVID-19 Pandemic is not the first one and certainly not the last one to hit us. Beset with high costs and convoluted workflows, it takes many years to find a cure and drug approvals for humans can take upto a decade. Last few decades has given all the necessary platforms in the form of Internet, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud. With technology advancement, more and more investors are investing into Health tech. Smart inhalers, robotic surgery, wireless brain sensors, artificial organs, 3-D printing, telehealth are just a few of the major advancements in the recent years. However, we are still in the early innings in the advancement and utilizing technology in the Health industry. As we were hopeful to see the next version of Healthtech and benefits to society, the world economy has come to a standstill because of a pandemic. How will this pandemic shape the future of Healthtech and its advancement? Will this be the catalyst that is required to catapult healthtech or will the slowdown in the economy stop the healthtech juggernaut in its stride? We will focus on few major aspects of Health Tech: Effect of Pandemic like Coronavirus -More focus on Telehealth -Better predictive models; Using Data effectively; IoT Economic impact and the effect on funding in future ML/AI - Large advancements in NLP, is this the time for computational chemistry Challenges of using technology -Training physicians with use of new technology -Data privacy and security for patients and physicians affordability Looking beyond the pandemic: -Innovation Avenues in HLS -Latest trends Our Speakers of this online session moderated by Santosh Ankola, Head of Product at TechCrunch are 1) Dr Sriram Iyer, NHS Liverpool, UK 2) Dilip Goswami, Co-CEO Molekule Registration instructions:This session is FREE to members of ASEI, affiliates and guests. Session login will be available to registered attendees