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Welcome to ASEI Silicon Valley Chapter

Our ASEI chapter has been making great progress with grassroots initiatives in K-12 STEM outreach efforts, Coding Camps, Youth Internships and focus on community by empowering our next generation with skills in emerging technology. We are thankful to IBM for being our charter sponsor in 2016.

More details of our progress is here https://aseiusa.org/news/asei-silicon-valley-chapter-promotes-stem-initiatives.

ASEI is an organization of professionals of Asian Indian diaspora in the United States of America that shares knowledge among its members, shapes the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists and perform community service helping the disadvantaged and underprivileged in communities across the world.

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Vision, Mission & Purpose


To be the preeminent organization to foster scientific and engineering temperament amongst Indo-American engineers and technologists across disciplines and promote skill based talent development and community engagement especially by "catching them young"


Our Mission is to create opportunities and foster an environment of technical innovation.

We achieve our mission through our flagship initiative - Internship for Youth

Internships for high schoolers is great way of providing some real world experience before they head off to college. It helps students to decide where they want to major, gain experience and better prepare themselves to land in right colleges for further college studies.

ASEI SV strongly believes that to shape character of students you have to impart hands-on skills and teach them how to get involved through working on projects and gaining hands-on skills, confidence, building the right attitude and aptitude.

Through collaboration with various agencies, academic and extra-curricular programs, ASEI SV shall serve as catalyst in evangelizing and promoting the avenues for internships to youth.


ASEI Silicon Valley's raison d'être is to bring cross disciplinary technical innovation and talent easily accessible to organizations of all sizes but more importantly for Silicon Valley - to startups that seem to sprout here more rapidly than anywhere else in the world. Serving the members by matching startup job, entrepreneurial and internship opportunities is key to our existence.

One of our key programs is Helping Start-ups.

Most Start-ups are constrained on several counts and need help. This is especially true in - Translating their idea into execution, getting business avenues that provide opportunities to adopt the product and provide validate and feedback to improve the product, help build marketing traction, help build innovative portfolio, accelerate Go-To-Market strategies.


ASEI SV is committed to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education for Global Leadership.

As part of the STEM initiative, ASEI SV is providing number of projects:

1) Promote education across schools that need this
2) Projects - participate in Math and Science Partnerships program
3) Initiate Programs, Workshops to promote, nurture Maths, Science and Innovations
4) Coordinate with community learning centers
5) Run programs to nurture and promote innovations
6) Help all sections of the students in attain education, degrees in STEM subjects

Students need to understand, explore and engage with the world. And they need avenues to do so. ASEI SV core interests lie in helping and promoting this in holistic manner. Over time, The United States emerged as a global leader, largely in part, through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers and innovators. We, at ASEI SV are committed to this mission and contribute to shape the future. Many of our programs are geared to inspire science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The bottomline - through STEM, help build future Biomedical engineers, Medical scientists, Computer software developers, analysts etc.


ASEI is very proud of its legacy and achievements. Over the last several years, ASEI has transformed from a local grassroots organization into a national multi-tier organization across the United States. This phenomenal growth can only be attributed to its untiring efforts of its founders, its leadership, and the long-standing members. Since its founding, it has started chapters in Michigan, Washington DC, Southern California, San Diego, Seattle, and Silicon Valley and has attracted hundreds of members into its fold. These chapters in turn have successfully started student chapters affiliated with local colleges and universities. The following noteworthy achievements are listed below:

Held thirty plus National Conventions in its existence: promoting technology & exchange of knowledge.

Instituted scholarships for high school and college students and has awarded accolades and financial rewards to hundreds of students.

Partnered with corporations to recognize and award their employees through the Corporate Excellence Recognition Program (CERP).

Conducted technical webinars throughout the year to foster continuous learning and provide networking opportunities to its members at the chapter levels.

Recognized good standing members for their lifetime achievements, service excellence to ASEI, and excellence in science, engineering, and technology fields.

Partnered with corporations to recognize and award their employees through the Corporate Excellence Recognition Program (CERP).

Conducted technical talks throughout the year to foster continuous learning and provide networking opportunities to its members at the chapter levels.

Recognized good standing members for their life time achievements, service excellence to ASEI and excellence in science, engineering and technology fields.

A Brief History of ASEI

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) was founded in Detroit, Michigan by Mr. Hari Bindal with the objective of exchanging and collaborating technologies between India and USA.

In 1983, Mr. Bindal contacted more than 50 engineers across US to obtain their consent by conducting a signature campaign and received some 150 signatures of approval. He then organized a meeting and after much deliberation, a resolution was passed to form an organization of engineers from India. On 5th May 1983, the name ‘American Society of Engineers from India – ASEI’ (the name was changed to American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin, retaining the acronym as ASEI, in 1992) was selected from the various names proposed by floor members. Some seed money was collected and an ad-hoc committee was formed to plan an inaugural meeting. ASEI was formally inaugurated on 9th September 1983 by Mr. Bagla, Minister for Economics, India in Washington DC.

The constitution and bylaws of ASEI was written by Mr. Navin Pandya, a renowned member from Detroit and was accepted and signed by twenty six (26) members who attended the preliminary meeting on May 5, 1983. These 26 members are called "Founding Members of ASEI". Soon after, Mr. Bindal and Dr. Hans Bajaria registered ASEI as a non-profit organization with the IRS under section 501(C) (6) as well with the state of Michigan. ASEI formally started operating as a business entity under the stewardship of Mr. Hari Bindal and the first ASEI Newsletter was published in 1983.

A contest was held to select a logo design that was representative of ASEI. The design ensemble of a dual Indo-American flags, a compass, a handshake with the slogan “Gyano Sarvopari" encircling the artwork was selected. This logo was replaced by the current logo in 1992 to strike a chord with the modern generation. Within in a short span of two years, ASEI membership swelled to over 400 members and several letters of commendation from all over USA and India were received lauding the effort.

ASEI held its first convention in August 1984 and the inception of awards and recognition of career achievements by members started at this convention. In 1985, ASEI conferred an Honorary Membership and ASEI Memoranda to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during his visit to the US. The following year, Mr. Bindal had to relocate from Detroit to Florida and the void that he left behind was ably filled by the collective leadership of Nirdosh and Asha Reddy, Noor Kapadia and Yogi Anand who successfully held annual conventions for the next eight years.

Mr. Bindal was a trail blazer and he left his mark wherever he went. When he relocated again from Florida to Washington DC, he established the National Capital Chapter in 1990 and hosted a convention that year. ASEI has held 32 hosted by the various chapters. During the process of establishment of the various chapters, Mr. Bindal instilled the ASEI Students Scholarship and Science Fair Award into the business plan.

With what started out as a simple thought of exchanging of technology between the US and India, ASEI’s organization vision has now expanded to facilitate for its members a platform for networking, performing community service, recognize outstanding achievements of its members, partner with other professional and social organizations to make a difference in this world.

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