Past Event

Getting Real with Engineering: Women Leading Social Entrepreneurship. 

Social Entrepreneurship -- and how you can help!


Social Entrepreneurs are the ones driven to tackle socio-economic problems, find solutions, and build a better future globally. They are driven by a social mission and are passionate about bringing about real and lasting change. So how can you help them? Hint: It's not just about money!

In this special panel marking Women's History month, Ms. Reena Kapoor from Silicon Valley, Ms. Lovina Srivatsava from Canada, and Ms. Padma Kuppa (Michigan State Representative) discuss this interesting topic. 


Reena Kapoor: Reena is a seasoned software product leader with hands-on experience building online and mobile applications for B2C, SaaS, and enterprise businesses for close to 20 years. Reena advises and works with technology clients to find product-market fit by helping them define, build and launch products & roadmaps with both proven and experimental business models. Additionally, Reena is an active executive mentor, at Santa Clara University’s Miller Center - the largest and most successful university-based social enterprise accelerator in the world. She also serves as a director on the Board of several non-profits.


Padma Kuppa: Padma is a Michigan State Representative for Troy and Clawson (HD 41). Dedicated to serving the people of Troy and Clawson in Michigan, by building relationships, strengthening public schools, investing in infrastructure, and protecting our environment, to create a bright future for all Michiganders. Padma, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, worked as a Project Manager/Business Analyst with broad experience in automotive, accounting, marketing, including  Fiat Chrysler. She possesses strong bi-cultural life skills, educated both in India and the US.


Lovina Srivatsava: Lovina is a founder of Emprove Services based in Ottawa Canada. Prior to that, she had led organization-wide transformation programs at Blackberry. Right at the beginning of the pandemic she also founded Masks Unlimited a volunteer-run organization helping thousands of frontline workers who were in dire need of Masks, Isolation gowns, etc.