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YTE, ASEI Youth Technology Exhibition, along with Arts and Crafts. YTE is much more than an exhibition; it is a memorable experience of a lifetime for the students who participate. You are invited to participate in the 3rd ASEI Youth Technology Exhibition for Middle and High School students. This Youth Technology Exhibition is designed to empower and encourage exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for students in the areas of art and craft to exhibit their work to the community. BENEFITS: • Unique opportunity to showcase Arts and Crafts, understanding of STEM to professionals including scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders across USA • Art and Craft silent auction and Gallery • Various Awards, Plaque, and Gift Certificate to participants • Kids Games, Raffles prizes, and Promotional items • Presenting SAT/ACT Preparation, Lifelong Learning Skills, Driving Skills etc. • Personal Development - such as Managing Money, Etiquette and Verbal Presentation skills • Meeting other outstanding middle and high school students • Free admission to everyone

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ASEI Youth Technology Exhibition (YTE) + Arts & Crafts - 2019

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Antioch Lutheran Church, Farmington Hills, MI

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1 PM - 5 PM


Vatsala Upadhya




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