Dear ASEI Members,


The National Board of ASEI is conducting its election to fill the 2023 Board of Directors open positions. By section VI.2 of the constitution, we have appointed the following Board members to the Election Committee:


Election Committee Chairperson: Rakesh Patel

Election Committee Members:  Surbhi Kaul  & Shreekant Agrawal


Hence, the purpose of this communication is to request nominations from the membership for the ASEI National Board of Directors. Five open positions will be filled through this nomination process.


You can self-nominate or nominate someone else for the ASEI National Board position. If nominating someone else, please get concurrence from your nominee before submitting the nomination.


To be eligible to become a board member, the nominee must be an ASEI-paid member in good standing for one year, must have participated in ASEI activities at the local or national level, and must have exhibited leadership qualities from experiences that would add significant value to the board and ASEI. The nominee must be ready and willing to participate in all (or almost all) board meetings and contribute by participating in ASEI activities, including membership in various committees of ASEI. The nominees should become familiar with ASEI Constitution and Bylaws available at www.ASEIUSA.Org


Please Click here to submit your nomination. The deadline to submit nominations is December 11th, 2022.



Executive Committee of the ASEI National Board of Directors:

Piyush Malik - President

Ram Ramanujam - Vice President

Jwalant Lakhia - Treasurer

Vatsala Upadhyaya - Secretary & IT Director



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