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The latest edition of the newsletter has been sent to all members on the  first of November  and the online edition is available here. Happy reading and catching up on all that happened in the last month and what lies ahead with your society.

Highlights from November:

✅ASEI Awards Nominations Open  - Last Date November 10th Check out further on our website and nominate someone today
✅ASEI Making grassroots level efforts for STEM in Indian schools though partnerships
✅ ASEI Elections: Board Positions are open for nominations for forming the 2023 board. Nominations Due by Nov 27    
✅Engineering Entrepreneurship & Mentoring in full flow at FalconX Accelerator
✅ University Connect makes progress with new campus Ambassadors-   and Ashdeep Seth
✅  Replay of Engineering tales #8 with Rajeev Kapur 
✅  New Mobility Summit  coming up in Michigan on Nov 19th 
✅  Youth Corner with Aditya and Ashdeep Seth on Nov 26th 

💥Do provide feedback as to what activities and programs you would like to see more of.
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💥A big THANK You to  all our achievers, expert speakers, content contributors, community builders and collaborators highlighted  in this edition

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