ASEI Simplifies Annual Professional Membership - by Jwalant Lakhia

If you are not a Lifetime member of ASEI, this is a great time to become one at a one time $500 .
The next best thing is to become a Professional Member of ASEI and still enjoy all the benefits ASEI offers. Why you ask? The Professional Membership dues are a bargain at just $50 per annum.
And the timing couldn't be better than now!  We have made a change in the way this annual professional membership is considered valid. It used to be that this annual membership would expire on December 31st of the year regardless of when someone became a member. We have changed this to a rolling membership which means that members will get one full year from the day dues are paid. This will allow the members not to lose the benefits of ASEI membership on December 31st. We look forward to seeing everyone taking advantage of this change and not holding out from becoming ASEI Professional Member. ASEI membership provides a unique opportunity to be a part of many activities such as Mentor Connect, University Connect, National ASEI Conventions, ASEI Chapter networking events, and many more. For more details and to sign up for ASEI Membership, please visit http://www.aseiusa.org/Account/CreateMember 
Jwalant Lakhia
Treasurer - National ASEI 

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