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Chapter: ASEI National

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Threats and Opportunities with AI in Society

Chapter: ASEI National

Threats and opportunities with AI becoming more pervasive in society
It was exactly one year ago that ASEI held its Artificial intelligence  (AI)  Summit. The accompanying video will refresh your memory of the half day conference we held in April 2021.
AI  continues to evolve and enamour us as many of our members are deeply involved in it. So much so that over 70% of the student projects that we see during Science Fairs and ASEI  regional youth talent expositions (YTE) are AI/ML themed.  Clearly our next generation is equipping themselves well. For the others, this article should offer some context and food for thought.
Artificial intelligence has a decades-long history that exhibits alternating enthusiasm and disillusionment for the field’s scientific insights, technical accomplishments, and socioeconomic impact. Recent achievements have seen renewed claims for the transformative and disruptive effects of AI. Reviewing the history and current state of the art reveals a broad repertoire of methods and techniques developed by AI researchers. In particular, modern machine learning methods have enabled a series of AI systems to achieve superhuman performance. The exponential increases in computing power, open-source software, available data, and embedded services have been crucial to this success. What are the impacts of all of this to our society as AI becomes pervasive and ubiquitous? Are there any threats? What are the opportunities we can capitalize on ?
These and many more topics are discussed in this entire issue of  Dædalus Journal edited by guest editor James Manyika Contributors include the who's who of the AI industry -  Nigel Shadbolt · Stuart Russell Jeffrey Dean · Kevin Scott · Li Fei-Fei Ranjay Krishna · Daniela Rus · Kobi Gal Barbara J. Grosz · Christopher D. Manning Yejin Choi · Emira Murati · Tobias Rees Blaise Agüera y Arcas · Michele Elam Iason Gabriel · John Tasioulas Michael Spence · Laura D. Tyson John Zysman · Erik Brynjolfsson Eric Schmidt · Ash Carter · Cynthia Dwork Martha Minow · Sonia K. Katyal Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar · Aziz Z. Huq Diane Coyle · Helen Margetts
Representing the intellectual community in its breadth and diversity, Dædalus explores the frontiers of knowledge and issues of public importance.Dædalus was founded in 1955 and established as a quarterly in 1958. The journal’s namesake was renowned in ancient Greece as an inventor, scientist, and unriddler of riddles.
A note on the accompanying image:
These images were generated by a state-of-the-art version of GPT-3 that builds on the approaches used in DALL·E and GLIDE. Given a text prompt that it has not been trained for or previously exposed to, the model generates original images based on its understanding of the different elements in the prompt and how they relate to each other. Given the same prompt repeatedly, the model produces novel responses. This group of images consists of unique outputs to the same prompt: “An artist painting the future of humans cooperating with AI.”
**Article Contributed by Piyush Malik **

ASEI hosts an engaging discussion on Energy Transition

Chapter: Michigan

Written by Muthu Sivanantham, ASEI Michigan President
Do we need to say more on our warming planet? Consistent glacial runoffs from Alaska to Himalayas, rising sea levels around the globe, regular floods in Chennai, India warns us that we are headed to a climate catastrophe. More details on an IPCC report (#2) on how climate change is warming the planet on this ASEI blog.  And it is no suprise that the race is on to reach a net zero future and is being duly guided by an Energy Transition. 
But how do they impact you? So where does ESG fit in all these Sustainability topics?
To unpack all of that for us was our own expert in this field Vel Subramanian, P.E. MI. Vel is a Principal and North America’s Growth Market Leader for GHD, a multi-disciplined engineering consulting organization. ASEI Michigan hosted our 2nd in person event of 2022 on Apr 28th, Thursday featuring a speech by Vel on “Energy Transition - What’s at stake?”.

The event started with an introduction by our ASEI board members Kush Shah & Muthu Sivanantham on our various ASEI activities currently underway. Mythili Srinivasan of DXC Technology and Sujith Thannikkatt of Longman Energy distributed the top 5 science fair awards to the students who competed at the 65th Science & Engg Fair of Metro Detroit.  
The recording of last week’s event can be found on the ASEI YouTube Channel.
Vel kept his speech quite interactive which spurred interesting discussions amongst the attendees. He shared lots of insights on the Energy Transition. It was result of an indepth analysis Vel does on this field and which shares through his speeches to various corporations and government bodies.

Some pictures from the event are attached below…

Longman Energy co-sponsored our event.

ASEI Meeting with Indian Finance Minister in Silicon Valley

Chapter: ASEI National