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Does Cosmology and/or Astronomy get you curious? Are there alternate Universes out there? To break all that down for our ASEI members is Dr Ranga Ram Chary, who is an observational cosmologist from Caltech and had appeared in science headlines lately.

Dr Chary, who is a senior researcher and project manager at the US Planck Data Center at Caltech and is on science headlines lately. His broad interest includes understanding how nature works, either on the sky, on land or underwater. His research spans a number of topics, from the origin and evolution of the Universe to the formation of early galaxies and the characteristics of planets outside our Solar System.

 Dr Chary holds a Ph.D in Astronomy & Astrophysics from UCLA and is a CS alum from NIT, Trichy, India. His recreational interests include scuba diving, wildlife conservation and exploring places which are off the beaten track.

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Curious about Cosmology? - by Dr Ranga-Ram Chary

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