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Meet United Nation's youth Icon awardee Aditya Indla who  stands for a cause that impacts all teens.

In this interview ASEI youth segment leader Aditya Guthey interviews Aditya Indla and in addition to finding more about his AI infused robotics project that was showcased last year in California State as wellas at ASEI YTE events, we find out how he is much more than a STEM student  

Aditya Indla, a senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, is proving to everyone that you are never too young to take a stand for what you believe in!


Aditya’s current focus is on anti-tobacco activism researching the chemistry of thirdhand smoke at UCSF. To him, smoking and tobacco are more than just irritating - they are matters of life and death. Aditya’s grandfather was a smoker who had quit, and his great-uncle died due to excessive smoking.


This experience did not keep Aditya down; rather, it motivated him to do something for victims of tobacco worldwide. That is why Aditya created The Aegle Project, a non-profit organization designed to raise awareness of the issues caused by tobacco and help people to break this bad habit. And this is just one example of Aditya’s passion and drive to help the members of his community. Aditya's achievements also spread to 3D printing face-shields for healthcare workers during COVID as well as building a robot for farmers designed to assist with strawberry picking.


As a result of his work he was recognized by the United Nations Envoy on Youth for his work in March 2020, when he raised funds to 3D print face shields for healthcare professionals. He was also recognized by Rep.Eric Swalwell and later by ASEI.


To Aditya, ASEI has come in handy as an organization that provides opportunities to collaborate and learn from prominent people. Working together with ASEI, Aditya hopes to help continue spreading awareness about the harmful effects of vaping and tobacco usage.


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Youth Corner: Meet UN youth icon Aditya Indla

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