Happy Diwali! + November 2021 Newsletter



Wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Did you know that there's a tech industry connection in getting a USPS  Diwali stamp ? Also, did you know how technology is making Diwali really happy for small mom-and pop retailers? All this and more in our newsletter that was sent out to all members at the beginning of this month.


The November   2021 edition of ASEI Newsletter was sent to all those who are on our mailing list till Oct  end. In case you missed it, here is the web versionWe also try to post it on our social media handles so you may want to engage with us there directly for swift interations.


Happy reading and catching up on all that happened in the last month and what lies ahead with your society!


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In case you are  not receiving our emails, please check your spam/junk or promotions folder and change the settings in your mailbox to deliver ASEI emails in your in-box. If you still did not find our newsletter please send an email to info@aseiusa.org for us to investigate. 


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