ASEI has existed since 1983 for networking opportunities for its member engineers and scientists however in the past few years, the focus has been more on youth development. While encouraging students at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels with scholarships amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in the past decade, Youth programs were highlighted as one of the  four pillars of ASEI’s 2021 strategy




Recently, a number of members across ASEI chapters got involved with grassroot level interactions with school students participating in science fairs in Michigan as well as in Silicon Valley. These are the opportunities where our members get to speak with promising students to identify talent while judging science fairs. While silicon valley chapter has partnered with Santa Clara Science and Engineering Fair Association (SCSEFA)  for over 6 years now,awarding 3 winners from each of the high school year for the past 6 years,  it was the first time for Michigan chapter to participate with an external agency Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit(SEFMD)  and they selected 5 winning projects.



We congratulate each of the winning students making it so far. It is incredible to see how much rigour and effort they put into their science projects and presentations.  They will be given opportunities to compete in other science and engineering competitions at the regional and national level such as the YTE 2020 that ASEI hosted last December.

Read more about these YTE Feeder events in reports published recently  by Muthu Sivanantham and Laxmi Patil 

A big "Thank You" to all our volunteer judges  for  their  role  in building the next generation of science and engineering lovers!

**Article Contributed by Piyush Malik, ASEI President **

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