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Leadership positions open- Seeking Nominations for the 2022 National Board

Chapter: ASEI National

Dear ASEI Members,
The National Board of ASEI needs to conduct its election to fill the 2022 Board of Directors open positions. In accordance with section VI.2 of the constitution, we have appointed the following Board members to the Election Committee: 
Election Committee Chairperson: Jwalant Lakhia
Election Committee Members:  Dr. Thomas Abraham &  Suresh Ladva
Hence, the purpose of this communication is to request nominations from the membership for the ASEI National Board of Directors. There are seven open positions that will be filled through this nomination process.
You can self-nominate or nominate someone else for the ASEI National Board position. If nominating someone else, please get concurrence from your nominee before submitting the nomination.
To be eligible to become a board member, the nominee must be an ASEI paid member in good standing for one year, must have participated in ASEI activities at local or national level, and must have exhibited leadership qualities from experiences that would add significant value to the board and ASEI. The nominee must be ready and willing to participate in all (or almost all) board meetings and contribute by participating in ASEI activities including membership of various committees of ASEI. The nominees should become familiar with ASEI Constitution and Bylaws available at   
Please click here to submit your nomination. The deadline to submit nominations is December 12th, 2021.
Executive Committee of the ASEI National Board of Directors:
Piyush Malik -         President
Jwalant Lakhia -      Vice President
Ram Ramanujam -   Treasurer
Vatsala Upadhyaya - Secretary & IT Director

Celebrating the first non-white Nobel winner in Science

Chapter: ASEI National

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1930 was awarded to Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman "for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the effect named after him."
More details on Sir CV Raman and his work from the Nobel website 
There is a story that we would like to share here. Dr. C.V. Raman didn't have money to buy a spectrograph. So he shot a letter to G.D. Birla stating his demand in no less clear words: "Give me money to buy a spectrograph. And if you give me the money, I promise I will bring the Nobel Prize in one year." G.D. Birla fulfilled Raman's demand. And the rest is history..
Dr. C.V. Raman, who's birthday is today (November 7th) , went on to become the first non-white nobel laureate in any field of science.
"When you want something with utmost intensity, the universe conspires in helping you get it".
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Happy Diwali! + November 2021 Newsletter

Chapter: ASEI National

Wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Did you know that there's a tech industry connection in getting a USPS  Diwali stamp ? Also, did you know how technology is making Diwali really happy for small mom-and pop retailers? All this and more in our newsletter that was sent out to all members at the beginning of this month.
The November   2021 edition of ASEI Newsletter was sent to all those who are on our mailing list till Oct  end. In case you missed it, here is the web version.  We also try to post it on our social media handles so you may want to engage with us there directly for swift interations.
Happy reading and catching up on all that happened in the last month and what lies ahead with your society!
ASEI is a volunteer run professional organization and we welcome your involvement. We request feedback and especially welcome any articles, blogs or ideas you would like to contribute. Please be in touch with anyone from the content/editorial team. 
In case you are  not receiving our emails, please check your spam/junk or promotions folder and change the settings in your mailbox to deliver ASEI emails in your in-box. If you still did not find our newsletter please send an email to for us to investigate. 

Grow your leadership skills with ASEI- By Divya Ashok

Chapter: ASEI National

@ASEI is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a network for engineers of Indian/South Asian origin to drive increased collaboration across USA and India. 

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.
                                                                      --- Vince Lombardi

A great leader creates happier teams, drives increased productivity and is supportive of their team member’s growth. All this results in a thriving culture within any organization. The members at ASEI had the opportunity to hear from two shining examples in our community SomaSundaram (President and CEO, ChampionX) and K. Venkatesh Prasad (Ford) on Oct 24th as part of our #MentorConnect Initiative.  They shared tips and insights on how to build your own leadership muscle and engaged in a conversation with ASEI members. Below are 5 key pillars and related practical tips from their experience.
Before jumping into the pillars, you must be committed to this journey of transforming from a good into a great leader. That requires a degree of self-awareness to drive a baseline and identify personality traits that drive strength and those that require change. Once you are committed to the driver’s seat on this journey, you realize that a few small changes made everyday create the right behavioral patterns in you and your team to drive a better culture for your organization.
Pillars of Leadership
1 Trust: Be authentic and show up that way so your team feels safe to show up likewise. This can easily be broken through a small incident but it takes time, dedication and effort to build. 
2 Alignment: The power of a team or an organization is increased manifold once alignment is created around key values and goals
3 Values to Value Journey: While a ToDo list is important, equally important is a NotToDo list. Eliminate noise for your teams and ruthlessly prioritize. 
4 Conflict Resolution & Innovation: Respecting alternative perspectives is a must but understand that disagreements will be resolved by aligning the values of the organization with your own. These usually result in innovation in processes and products. 
5 Culture: Intentionally create an env that creates exposure to different experiences - > creates a belief system - > results in behavioral shifts
Our board at ASEI and their members share deep gratitude to these two leaders for sharing their time and valuable experience with our members. 
Divya Ashok is a ASEI Lifemember and serves on the ASEI Silicon Valley Board in addition to her leadership  role at 

Design Thinking and User Experience Design for Innovation highlighted at ASEI’s Design Summit

Chapter: ASEI National

Question: What do you get when left brained engineers and scientists meet right brained creative designers? 
Answer: A melding of logical and creative minds to bring together an inspirational event titled ASEI Design Summit.
On October 9th, the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) convened this Design Summit with a number of academics,  authors, speakers and practitioners covering innovation in Design from multiple perspectives.
After a brief introduction to the organization  by ASEI executive council member Vatsala Upadhyay, and a tribute to design maestro Steve Jobs marking the 10th anniversary of his passing by ASEI President Piyush Malik, he shared his forward thinking views on Design based on his field experiences and learnings working with nimble silicon valley startups as well as fortune 500 corporations around the globe. These opening remarks centered around the importance of Design as a discipline and Design Thinking methodologies adapted from IDEO, Stanford’s and IBM’s enterprise design thinking approach a.k.a  IBM Garage, which is an end-to-end model for accelerating digital transformation. 
The keynote speaker Prof Sanjay Gupta who is the founder and Vice Chancellor of World University of Design (WUD) shared his vision illustrating the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience  Design (UXD). He also  spoke  about applications of emerging concepts  such as AR/VR (augmented reality /virtual reality ) and innovation in design  in his talk titled “Importance of design for engineers”  based on his many decades of multidisciplinary design experience across Engineering, Architecture, Fashion and Academics.

Engaging Dr Gupta in a fireside chat following this address, Piyush shared some industry trends based on analyst reports and they discussed the impact of design on creator economy with NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), Blockchain,  AR/VR  etc. Dr Gupta acknowledged the ASEI community and shared the impact WUD has had in its nascent life since inception and cited the importance of partnerships with industry bodies including Assocham, CII and now ASEI to expand its sphere of influence.
Dolly Parikh, Founder and CEO of Aloki Labs, a boutique design studio in California traced her inspiration to the 1977 film “Power Of 10” and shared learnings  from her UX Strategy and Design career across companies such as Apple, Verisign, Experian, Intuit, Medallia, Aviso, Automation Anywhere, InfoStretch, ARM and MindTickle.
UX Architect Noah Iliinsky,  a popular speaker and author of 2 O'Reilly books on visualization enthralled the audience with his data storytelling approach and  emphasised the 4 pillars of effective design viz. purpose, content, structure and formatting. His versatile technique can be applied to not only data visualization but all forms of communications. The illustrations of data in tables versus charts and graphs and when to  choose pie versus line versus bar graphs were eye opening. 

In the next section of the Design Summit focusing on career guidance, Sabira Gupta who is a Software engineer turned Principal UX Designer at Informatica shared her tips for those transitioning into Design careers. She showcased formatting as well as language do‘s and don'ts to inspire the budding designers aspiring for new opportunities  amongst the audience. 
Veteran designer Ches Wadja spoke on “Intuition, humility and collaboration in service of design innovation”. Sharing personal stories from his time at Experian as the design head to being the first designer when LinkedIn was a year old startup, Ches mesmerised the attendees with the captivating story of power of being open to ideas and how being agile  and scrapy enabled his seemingly small effort to show marked improvement in Linkedin’s adoption by the masses.The legendary designer also happened to be the first designer at Youtube (which was later acquired by Google) and his designed logo is still used by the company after all these years. It was indeed a pleasure to watch his serene and  calm persona field questions from the audience after the newly minted designer Shrinal Patel  showcased her portfolio and sought feedback from experienced professionals Sabira and Ches to critique as well as give suggestions for improving candidate portfolio presentations. 

Shrinali  then moderated the brief panel discussion with speakers after which Surbhi Kaul acknowledged all volunteers  and proposed the vote of thanks to the speakers. 

Surbhi,  a Vice President  at Juniper Networks was a speaker at ASEI’s 33rd National Convention  and is an ASEI Life Member who serves on the Silicon Valley chapter board. She also gave a “heads-up” & call for volunteers as well as  next year’s board member nominations across all 5 professional chapters.
The moderated Q&A session then “graduated” to  social audio Clubhouse room “Engineering Tales”, where the event continued with a few of the Design summit speakers. It included more non-ASEI members too, all of  whom  were given a chance to interact with speakers of this Summit. John Rodriges moderated the session, sharing his experiences as a UX designer with Citigroup and past jobs. The quality of conversations there once again proved the value of this topic and popularity of design as a discipline  amongst techies as well as non -technical folks.

The Design Summit showed the attendees the depth of Design experience and thought leadership amongst ASEI community members and gave a glimpse of the richness of  its collaborations with national and international professional bodies. 
As is evident from recent activities  and newsletters, ASEI has had an action packed 2021 so far with a large number of educational and networking opportunities  and new programmes such as MentorConnect, UniversityConnect and YouthPrograms to serve its members’ interests and inspire the next generation of engineers and technologists amongst the diaspora.

October is all about Innovation through Design - The Newsletter covers AI, Cloud, University Connect and Fun events too

Chapter: ASEI National